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This site is a project that I have been wanting to do for some time now. As Solar, Wind, and Bio Mass Energy is in the forefront of Global Awareness now more than ever, I was moved to get into the mainstream of Green Renewable Energy. I have put in a few systems in my 33 years in the construction trades, including solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, passive solar, and small scale wind systems, and am looking forward to helping others fulfill this goal.


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Being an avid builder and designer for years, I decided to make a "Green Technologies" business with my son. One of our business ventures includes building quality greenhouses for folks that want to grow food all year round. Click here to go to our NGT Greenhouses Page.

I hope that this site will help those interested in green energy find usefull information and reviews about solar and wind products.

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Solar Energy is clean, breathtakingly abundant, and is a reasonable recourse to meet much of the world's energy needs. Harnessing the same sunlight that has kept the earth warm for eons, we can finally achieve a more sustainable balance with nature as humanity advances and finds new, cleaner, and more efficient means of meeting its energy needs. The basic premis of solar power is to find afordable renewable energy while keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum. If you want to help spread awareness about solar panels, you can help others by linking to this site.

As you look through the site you will find an array of rotating reviews, and usefull information about solar and green energy. As the site grows, more pages, reviews, tips, news, links and help will be available. I have even gone as far as buying this domain, registered for the Federal Tax ID Number for 'New Green Technologies', and printing up some business cards to promote the web site and myself, why? Because it is importlant. Not only for the planet, but also for our future as well as our pocketbooks. The Solar & Wind Energy Industry can be just what this economy needs to boost it back out of this resession, create jobs, find alternative affordable energy, and with the 80% of cost Government Energy Kickbacks, you can be setup with a system at a fraction of the outlay of what it used to be!

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Thank you for checking out me website! I appreciate your support and hope you find my work useful. If you have any questions or need help, visit the reviews guide or contact page on my site. Good luck with your Green Energy info search!